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  • Who We Are
    "...when somebody can really communicate, boy, it resonates out there to the ends of the earth."
    --Barbara Cook, Broadway singer and performer

       Carol Doscher      Rich Swingle     Jen Hebblethwaite   
       Kevin Hebblethwaite      Eric Daniels      Judy Straalsund   
       Kurt Robbins         Teresa Parker

    Carol Doscher
    President & CEO
    (Chief Encouragement Officer)

    "Great presenters, leaders and communicators all dare to open up and share themselves with others. It takes desire, courage and, most of all, grace to be yourself. Our clients are living proof that the Human Connection works!"

  • Born in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Performed on and off-Broadway
  • Created and ran a 200-person racquetball league
  • (Thought about being a computer programmer)
  • Marketed design and construction services for seven years
  • Has published articles on communication skills
  • Sings around the world with her church choir

  • Rich Swingle, Freedom Finder
    "I have seen fear visibly melt away as clients learn to connect with their listeners. It's exhilarating to see people go beyond what they thought possible!"

  • Born in Medford, Oregon
  • Tours the world performing his one-man plays
  • Has appeared on stage, film, television, radio and CD-ROM
  • (Thought of being an aeronautical engineer and test pilot)
  • Published articles on using the body to communicate
  • Worked with Alzheimer's patients
  • Performs for kids as Farmer Fred, Ed the Grocer and Sludge

    Jen Hebblethwaite, Champion of All Things Grace
    "At Graceworks, we speak from a place of passion and focus on the listener, but most importantly, we laugh!"

  • Born in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Teaching artist for 10 years at Tony Award-winning regional theatre
  • Previous clients range from corporate real estate firms to municipal police departments
  • (Thought about opening a children's bookstore)
  • Gets excited about semicolons
  • Taught at elementary, middle school, high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels
  • Tucked children into bed over 4000 times

    Kevin Hebblethwaite, Connection Builder
    "Life is way too short for dysfunctional teams or boring presentations. Strike up the band!"

  • Born in Gastonia, North Carolina
  • Previously president of a technology consulting & design firm
  • Weekend-warrior percussionist
  • (Thought about being an arts administrator)
  • Has been marketing professional services for over 15 years
  • Coaches high-school student praise band
  • Has seen every Rush tour since 1987

    Eric Daniels, Freedom Finder
    "As an architect, I know how critical it is to communicate with truth and passion. We help our clients reach deep within to find and share their true selves."

  • Born in New Rochelle, New York
  • Has his own practice as a licensed architect
  • Published several articles for design trade magazines
  • (Thought about being a musician)
  • Studied drama in London & performed Shakespeare in the Park
  • Assistant professor of architecture & interior design in NY
  • Teaches design students presentation skills

    Judy Straalsund, Freedom Finder
    "It's a joy to witness clients' presentations take the leap from "ho-hum" to "wow." We love being part of that journey of discovery."

  • Born in Denver, Colorado
  • Founding Artistic Director of Tapestry Theatre Company in Portland, Oregon
  • Guided mountaineering trips in the Canadian Coastal Mountains
  • (Thought about living in Denmark)
  • Player at ComedySportz and Shakesprov
  • Has written and performed for corporations ranging from Intel to the Portable Sanitation Association (ie, the "Porta Potty" folks)
  • Teaches drama workshops locally, and in Kenya and Egypt

    Kurt Robbins, Freedom Finder
    "Graceworks brings freedom; a tool that breathes new life into how you work and live."

  • Born in Santa Barbara, California. Sup dude.
  • Has been to every continent except Antarctica (it's next!)
  • Has coached & trained corporate professionals around the world for over 8 years
  • (Thought about being an archeologist, like Indiana Jones)
  • Has been acting and singing since age 6
  • Genuinely likes people
  • LOVES guacamole

    Teresa Parker, Vocal Coach
    "The way we speak conveys not only content, but intent as well. Vocal freedom can be key in communicating."

  • Born in Elizabethton, Tennessee
  • Performed on Broadway and continues to give concerts
  • Teaches music at the college level
  • (Thought about being a mathematician)
  • Works with children's choirs
  • Does career counseling
  • Travels abroad yearly to do missionary work

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